January 6, 2014.


Did you go to school or are you self taught? 

    Everyone is self taught. School is just another catalyst for creation.

How did you get started in the arts and why?

    I am blessed with an amazingly artistic family who encouraged anything I wanted to pursue. My father is a metal sculptor and oil painter, my mother is an acrylic realist, illustrator and hairdresser and my brother Mike is a prolific painter and clothing designer. To have this around me was what made a "Why wouldn't I?" 

How long have you been working in the streets?

    Ever since moving to Montreal from British Columbia I have been immersed in street art culture. My choice to inhabit a city helps to inform and progress my work through the dialogue of the people who surround myself and my peers.

Who or What inspires you the most?

    Inspiration is all around me, everything! You name it.  People, found objects, tools, memories, situations. I just want to make my feelings and ideas tangible to the viewer, thus becoming a form of inspiration to others, continuing the circle.

What should the general public know about street art? What stereotype about street art/graffiti do you hate the most?

   Street art is exactly that. Art that can be viewed by anyone because of it’s location. However this word "hate" is a perfect example of what creates this negative void between the two styles. Street artists and graffiti writers are one in the same. We are creative beings that should embrace what each other provide for the community, rather than piss on each other for being different. 

Are you a full time artist? Do you have a day job? Is it best to be full time artist or not worry about it and make your $$$ elsewhere, that way you can paint what and how you want, which one offers a more creative outlook?

   Yes, I am a full time artist. A professional artist. Everyone is but not all embrace it. There are few that choose to wear that hat. It’s a foreign idea that took a while to grasp. To label myself a professional artist, living off of the random things from in your head! I feel blessed to have realized early on that this creative exploration was healthier for me to embrace than to live a nine to five life. I crave creativity. I crave process.

What are you working on now? (Please provide a photograph)

   I  was  in China with The En Masse Project painting a large installation for the Shanghai International Art Festival. I  recently finished sculptures for Montreal’s F1 festival, Mural festival and Just for Laughs. The list goes on, ever growing and evolving.

What do you hope to achieve or accomplish by putting your work in the street?

   I  simply hope to reach a broader audience of like-minded people in site specific communities.


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