October 7, 2014.

This week on the Q&A we have PIXELPANCHO who painted in Wynwood back in 2011.

26th street in Wynwood.


What do you write? Are you in a crew?

     I write PIXELPANCO, and I am in two crews. The first one is AOS, Army of Snipers crew. The 2nd an Italian called TSO, Obligatory Sanitary Treatment.

In what city did you start painting in the streets? Do you feel your work has influenced the community in return? If so, how? Is there a relationship between the artist and the community in which they work?

     Actually, I started painting in the northern country side of Italy, where I'm from. It is next to The Alps. But, I was always trying to paint and draw everywhere I was. I guess everything effects people and the community. It depends on whether they want to be influenced or not.

Did you go to school or are you self taught? 

     I have been painting since I am a little boy, but I went for two years to The Academy of Art in Turin, Italy. Then another two years for the degree at the University of Art in Valencia, Spain. 

How did you get started in the arts and why?

     A friend of mine brought me some books and images of street art. I really liked it, so I never stopped.

How long have you been working in the streets?

     Since I am 15 years old.

Who or What inspires you the most?

     Life itself is what inspires me the most. All of my surroundings and my travels. I have a lot of inspiration.

 What should the general public know about street art? What stereotype about street art/graffiti do you hate the most?

     Well, quite frankly I don't agree with the art world. Urban art is not respected in the contemporary art scene, but there is still a place for it. Take for instance in Italy where urban art is not thought of as artistic, but just as a young guy painting on a wall.

Are you a full time artist? Do you have a day job? Is it best to be full time artist or not worry about it and make your $$$ elsewhere, that way you can paint what and how you want, which one offers a more creative outlook?

     Yes, I am surviving with just my art.

What are you working on now?

     Well, I have several different projects going on. It's best to tune into my social media channels, that is the best way to describe it.

What do you hope to achieve or accomplish by putting your work in the street?

     Oh, I can't say! Otherwise, I will ruin the surprise.