I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! A Photographic Exhibition

November 18, 2013.

     Do you want to see your favorite images from the project I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! gorgeously printed large format in a salon style presentation? Please join me AK FOTO and Jennifer Frehling of Frangipani this Saturday November 23rd at 7pm. 2516 NW 2nd Avenue. 
     Frangipani is the central headquarters for all things IIMB! check 'em out!

About the project: 
     Photography is the most permanent longest lasting proof of street art. There is no way to preserve street art except to photograph it before it fades, is toyed with, buffed or written over. Street art, by its very nature is a fluid art form, constantly evolving because of the landscape, materials, politics, weather etc.  
     It is through photography that street art can be conveyed to the world. Images of the artists and their works are reproduced and disseminated through books, magazines and the internet.