October 15, 2013.

SERUM getting’ down in Wynwood during Art Basel 2012.

What do you write? Are you in a crew?


In what city did you start painting in the streets? Do you feel your work has influenced the community in return? If so, how? Is there a relationship between the artist and the community in which they work?

     I started painting all over South Florida and eventually up in Gainesville. In smaller towns up north people aren't as receptive to the street art culture but I eventually made a place for myself. I feel like there's a unique relationship between the artist and the community to which they belong. Especially right now in South Florida where art in general has been placed center stage and embraced fully. The artist invests their time, effort and creativity to produce something they value for the community (legal or otherwise). The reward for the artist is priceless recognition and exposure. If we use Miami as the example, the community's reward is equally as priceless. Miami is now an art mecca for the entire world and I feel like each one of the artists in your book(I’M IN MIAMI BITCH!) as well as countless artists before are responsible in part for that happening.

Did you go to school or are you self taught? 

     Self taught. 100%.

How did you get started in the arts and why?

     I was motivated by writers I went to school with as well as a lot of older dudes who paved the way in Miami. 

How long have you been working in the streets? 

     Man, I don't know. I haven't always or exclusively "worked in the streets". I had some short stints of bombing here and there, but there are way too many dudes out there who crushed way harder than I did. I was really more into painting characters than anything else. I'm a huge fan of a lot of heavy bombers though. 

Who or What inspires you the most?

     My family, my crew, my city. Music is a big one too.

What should the general public know about street art? What stereotype about street art/graffiti do you hate the most?

     I guess I feel like people make too much of a distinction between fine art and street art, because of that I think a lot of "street artists" don't get the attention or exposure that they deserve.

Are you a full time street artist? Do you have a day job? Is it best to be full time street artist or not worry about it and make your $$$ elsewhere, that way you can paint what and how you want, which one offers a more creative outlook?

     I've definitely had my fair share of day jobs doing mindless uninspiring work. For me there's nothing like creating for a living. I wouldn't trade it for all the money or job stability in the world if it meant going back to my day job.

What are you working on now? 

     Currently working on a lot of stuff. I do some design for dmecollective.com as well as raysjays.com. I'm also currently working on my fourth installation at the University of Florida Health Hospital in their pediatric unit.

What do you hope to achieve or accomplish by putting your work in the street?

     The only thing I really hope to achieve is for a few people to see my work and like it. That's a big deal to me and motivates me to keep creating.


Check out more of SERUM'S work   http://www.EvanPoirier.com