I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! Smogranch Review

January 9, 2013.

   You are in for a real treat. Smogranch has reviewed I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! the book. Now, Smogranch is not your typical literary reviewer. What he is though, is a thought provoker and catalyst. So when you read this review don't be texting on your phone or listening to the TV. Just focus on what he is saying and think about it. It's called critical thinking. Get used to it. It's what matters. 

Here is an excerpt:

“I’m in Miami Bitch” isn’t an artist driven book, it’s a STORY driven book. Now this story happens to be about artists, a cruel twist of publishing fate, but this point is important. This isn’t a book about Andrew Kaufman saying “Look at me, I’m a badass artist.” This is a book about Andrew Kaufman saying “Look at what these other artists are doing and look at how it has become a part of the fabric of the DNA of our city.” This is a book about street art, community, history and preservation of a style of art that often times is gone less than 24-hours after is has been finished. This book is evidence." --Smogranch

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