November 5, 2013.

Xupet Negre in Wynwood.

AK: What do you write? Are you in a crew?

XN: El Xupet Negre(The Black Pacifier). Xupaki(suck here)...but i paint a logo, it´s logo art. I invented the name.

AK: In what city did you start painting in the streets? Do you feel your work has influenced the community in return? If so, how? Is there a relationship between the artist and the community in which they work?

XN: Barcelona, my work influences alot of artists like CHANOIR, PEZ, SPACE INVADERS, LONDON POLICE. They know about my work and they take the same direccion with a logo.

AK: Did you go to school or are you self taught? 

XN: I studied graphic design with a masters in creative advertising and there is a ceramist in my family, so I was raised in a very artistic environment.

AK: How did you get started in the street and why?

XN: In 1985 i started with a marker and in 1987 I started using the spray can. But I write 1989 on my artworks. I always have a marker with me and write sentences from music bands that I like. After I created the Black Pacifier I started to paint my logo and write my tag.

AK: How long have you been working in the streets?

XN: Almost 25 years.

AK: Who or What inspires you the most?

XN: I Studied art history, advertising posters, traffic signs, pop-art and my grandfather Leonardo Peyró.

AK: What should the general public know about street art? What stereotype about street art/graffiti do you hate the most?

XN: Graffiti is real, it’s the first. Then of course street art is the commercial version. It incorporates the fashion of the times. Some people are doing shit and some people are doing good stuff.

AK: Are you a full time artist? Do you have a day job? Is it best to be full time artist or not worry about it and make your $$$ elsewhere, that way you can paint what and how you want, which one offers a more creative outlook?

XN: I paint in the streets and also on canvas for galleries, exhibitions or work for commercial enterprises.

AK: What are you working on now? 

XN: I´m doing a design for a lighter company. It’s a real pop-gadget!

 AK: What do you hope to achieve or accomplish by putting your work in the street?

XN: Put color and art in the streets and send a message of... LOVEPEACERESPECTUNITYEQUALITYFREEDOM!!!


Check out Xupet’s work http://ElXupetNegre.com