The Isthmus... A New Path Between The Seas

March 31, 2016.

 I am telling Panama's story. It will be a definitive look as Panama itself is in the midst of changes that will impact it for years to come. The stakes are high as we good deep inside the culture of Panama. This blog will be showcasing work from The Isthmus a ten year photographic odyssey through Panama. Join me as I reveal the true essence of Panamanians. Get a window into their world. 

Rio Gatun, 2015.

     Panama's waterways are like arteries to a heart, to see them from above is like looking at all the veins in a human body. It's a true marvel. All the paths lead somewhere that are essential to a healthy ecosystem. I'd heard that the ACP(Panama Canal Authority) had built a dock for a tribe of indigenous indians known as the Embera. I got a cell phone number to the village chief know as Flaco. Yeah, somehow they get a cell signal in the middle of the rain forrest. Flaco organized a crew to pick me up for a visit to the village. It's just after sunrise and we are headed deep into Rio Gatun. I was going to see how the indigenous live. Stay tuned...

--Andrew Kaufman

p.s. Check back here daily for a new photograph from the forthcoming book The Isthmus due out in 2016.