The Isthmus... Chorilo & The Panama Papers

April 7, 2016.

Juan Carlos Varela the President of Panama spoke today about The Panama Papers. It's not what he said that matters in this neighborhood that is still recovering from the US Invasion in 1989. Things have been this way in Panama basically forever. The poverty rate here is said to be about 40% in this tiny Central American country of 3.8 million people. 

Sorolo of Chorilo

     I was speaking with a local business owner about The Panama Papers. He told me "I don't waste my time with that. They're all a son of a bitch. I have to work for my money. I don't read the news or look at the tv. That's bullshit! They never give you nothing. They don't look out for the poor people. I believe in god not them. God is always right. The only person who loves the poor people is god. Dios Y Dios. The rich never liked the poor. Politics is the same. They promise and never deliver."

—Andrew Kaufman

Chorilo at night.