The Isthmus... Cinta Costera Tres

April 6, 2016

 The first day back in Panama is always tough. There is so much to do. First get the car, then get to the flat to drop off all the gear etc. Then keep my appointments. Today I had lunch at Sabores Chorillos. It's a cool spot where local restauranteurs share a patio. They sell the local catch of the day and serve super cold beer. The spot is on the bay and has a great view. It's next to the Estadio Maracana. Where the Cinta Costera meets Chorillo. I had the Corvina Frita with Patacones. 

     After my meeting I wondered over to the skate park, the sun was setting and the light was finally getting good. That's when the park gets busy. There always seems to be one kid who just jams. You can see it from a far. He was cranking airs all over the place. Yelling at his friends that the bicycle he was gonna ollie wasn't far enough from the coping. When he cleared it, it was vindication and all his friends yelled, Ohhhhhhh. 

p.s. It was 9,000 degrees today.