The Isthmus... Down Not Out

July 14, 2016.

 Under the Viaducto 3 de Noviembre is a Metro stop and most city buses come through on Calle 23. The overpass provides a small respite from the scalding hot Panama sun. The neighborhood is known as Calidonia. Most Pavos(doorman on the bus) can be heard yelling this neighborhood when you get on. Calidonia, Calidonia, Calidona in a piercing shrill. It's fascinating because most have the same pitch and accent. 

 The subject of the photograph wasn't dead, I asked. Some bus drivers wanted me to make a photograph of their Diablo Rojo. I wandered over to see if the guy really was alive. To my surprise he was. At one point he was leaning over to the styrofoam container and grabbing a handful of rice and shoving it in his mouth without even opening his eyes. Chucha.

—Andrew Kaufman