The Isthmus... El Boxeador

May 11, 2016.

 Albert Mosquera is as skinny as I have ever seen him. He had a big fight last weekend against Argentinian named Brian Zarza. Albert is a welterweight at 140 lbs, his record is 22-2-2, 14 KO. When we first met his hair was in corn rows. Albert was sweating like a waterfall to make weight. He was wearing one of those grey plastic sweat makers. 

     Albert works out at The Pedro Rokero Gimnasio. His workout ethic is unrivaled. Going and going until sheer exhaustion. Getting doused with water constantly to cool off. The fight is in just a few days, first with a speed bag then the jump rope. At the end Albert was getting a rub down from his trainer. Saturday night will be painful for someone. 

—Andrew Kaufman