The Isthmus... La Etnia Negra

March, 2016.

Las manzanas carameladas for sale during La Etnia Negra. 

Colon, 2015.

  This past summer of 2015 on a typical week day I was photographing on the Panama Canal Expansion in Agua Clara(Atlantic side). During the lunch break I was catching up with the office staff, this coming weekend they were going to walk in the festival known as La Etnia Negra. It is in celebration of Afro-Caribbean heritage. This festival takes place during the Panamanian rainy season, so the heat and humidity were off the charts. The sweat just pouring off of me. The parade started on time and there were a few thousand people ready to march through Colon, Panama's second biggest city. It was loud the marching band was cranking up and the horns and drums were leading the way. The music gave the march a certain "ritmo"(rhythm). The candy apples usually cost a dollar, or un dolar. 

 --Andrew Kaufman