The Isthmus... No Golpee Los Tacos

July 21, 2016.

 Just off Avenida Central is a host of casinos, cantinas and social clubs. The daylight was pouring into this pool hall. For $3 bucks and hour the table is yours. These guys were playing some kind of variation of 9 ball. The games were quick. The money was flying back and forth. Just a buck or two per game. Inside the pool hall was a neon painting of a topless woman and the mural you see of The Bridge of the Americas. The bridge is at the Pacific entrance of The Panama Canal. The neighborhood is a hotbed of activity. One moment a guy is dropping quaters in the juke box. You can hear the music blaring out of most establishments.  Day or night there is always action. 

Pool Shark, Avenida Central. April, 2016.