I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! An Introduction

July, 2013.

In the fall of 2012 with Art Basel Miami Beach quickly approaching I decided to ensconce myself in the street art scene of Wynwood to tell the story. An area once known as “El Barrio” and now gentrified into the Wynwood Art District, every year in late November artists from around the world descend on the streets of Wynwood to remake the facade of almost every building, overhead door and nook or cranny where paint could be applied.

     This blog will be a central resource for this project. My goal for the project is to create a collaborative environment. This space on the inter-webs can be a meeting point to talk about your work, what is inspiring you in Miami or the world.  The project will contain many elements. Here's a partial list, a book, poster, hand made journals, stickers, hand printed photographs, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions and artist talks. Sign up for the newsletter to keep informed. 

 Noah Nothing made this image of me during Art Basel Miami Beach 2012. Marmer art work in the back ground. This Polaroid camera was used to create one of a kind photographs that I incorporate into my personal journals. More on that later!

This project was made entirely in an analogue fashion. I chose to work with a 35mm rangefinder and one lens, a 35mm f/2. Here is a pile of film from the project waiting for development. 


    Check back, sign up, join me and keep in touch!