ALI/MIA at the Historic Hampton House.

To my delight the ALI/MIA portfolio is now a traveling exhibition. After it’s impressive run of six weeks at the Colony Theater on Lincoln Road the project has gone to the Historic Hampton House Cultural Center. It’s a full circle for the project as Muhammad Ali celebrated his historic World Heavyweight Title there the night he won against Sonny Liston. Ali was forced to stay in Liberty City because Miami Beach was segregated in 1964. Ali was joined by Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown.

The portfolio and the set from Miami New Drama’s “One Night In Miami” will be on display until January 31st. The Hampton House is now a landmark. Famous figures such as The Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Sammy Davis stayed there.

It inspired the play “One Night in Miami.” So the entire set of the play was moved to the cultural center in homage to “The Champ!”

Go see this before it’s too late!