The AK Foto Studio has been a long time coming. It’s been 30 years in the making. At this studio we specialize in professional photography, publishing, photo editing, curation, and all things production, from casting to location scouting and shoot management. The thriving idea behind the studio is making things. Tangible things, with our hands. Whether it’s a handmade photograph in the darkroom or a publication. Artifacts and ephemera, that is the result of these creative outbursts. 

This studio wears many hats. First and foremost it’s a photographic archive from my last 30 years in the field. Second, it’s a gallery space to showcase socially conscious works by and about artists the world over. We espouse print making, serial book making and journaling. It’s a part of the esthetic. Third, a production house. Projects ranging from an intimate portrait shoot to a full scale bonanza. Fourth, the photography book reading room. A place to study and reference great photography books and art book making in general. The studio is an evolution of creativity. A “living organism” that is always learning, growing and changing. The greatest work has style, this is an homage to the “Style Masters.” As we say around here "film is to remember and digital is to forget.” Don’t become, "digital dust.” 


Andrew Kaufman