One Camera/One Lens: Family photos for the discerning client.

What does that mean? First you start with a traditional medium format film camera. Second, you bring one lens. Third, you use black and white film. That trifecta of ideas creates some of the most ideal photographs one could wish for.

The results, which are lovingly hand printed in the darkroom using archival methods produce some of the most beautiful tones on paper in existence today. These Silver-gelatin prints can last well over 100 years. Their heirloom quality, hand crafted work is of bespoke quality. Something that is meant to be passed down through the generations. A true reward for the efforts and results produced by this collaboration for the subject and image maker.

Of course none of that matters unless the quality of the light is magnificent. Quite simply, it is about creating a family history that has a narrative and is authentic. Here at the AK Foto Studio having style and hand crafted quality go hand in hand.

About the photographer: Andrew Kaufman's storied career spans three decades, four continents, and dozens of countries. In that time he’s photographed over 1,000 editorial and advertising assignments including the Marlboro Man, had his photos appear as a tv commercial during The Super Bowl, photographed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and even dove with feeding sharks in the Bahamas. Andrew’s photography is included in the permanent collections of the Yale Library and the University of Miami Special Collection to name a few. Now, a Miami Shores resident.

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