I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! Lithograph

October 24, 2013.

IIMB! Editioned lithograph

 The pace is fast and furious and things are falling into place as the book launch is next week. Yesterday, I was on press for the IIMB! lithograph. The image in the lithograph is the quintessential clean slate, the buffed wall, it's ready for action. The wall in the image didn't stay this pristine and artless for too long, it's in the center of Wynwood after all. 

At the color viewing station.

  The lithograph will be in an addition of 250 and only of those 200 will be made available to the public as the other 50 will be used in a forthcoming IIMB! project. So stay tuned for that. It's printed on a Hannoart Silk 100lb text with an aqueous coating. Each individual lithograph will be signed and numbered. 


AK Foto