The Isthmus... Basketball

April 22, 2016.

Sundays are for sport. Walking around the neighborhoods of Panama city you can hear the game from afar. Francisco and I were walking from Chorillo to Santa Ana. On the way these sounds just call out to me. Once I hear it, it's like a song bird calling me. The whistle, the yells of the ball players. This court is surrounded by an apartment block on three sides and a fence on the fourth. It's back off the street so you wouldn't know it just by walking by. 

Sunday game, Chorilo. April, 2016.

      I'm there hanging out. The ref blows his whistle and they prep for the jump ball. This is real street ball. The backboards are metal, the nets tattered and the rims decaying. Some of the players are wearing running shoes, the ball is chinese made and there is a big metal plate in center court. This should be called tough ball!

—Andrew Kaufman