The Isthmus... Post Panamax

April 16, 2016.

 It's all over the news. The Panama Canal now has draft restrictions because of El Nino. El Nino has caused a drought, it's such a serious issue that ships can't transit with a full load. A friend showed me photographs of "El Canal" from above and the islands in Lake Gatun are high and dry. They are ringing by the famous orange clay of Panama. That earth that gets all over everything. If you have been here you know.

     The new lock chambers are 180 ft (54.86 m) wide, 1,400 ft (426.72 m) long, and 108 ft (33 m) deep. The amount of water typically in Lago Gatun is it stores 5.2 cubic kilometres (183,000,000,000 ft³) of water. Stay tuned.