I'M IN MIAMI BITCH! The Mural at the Freehand Miami Beach.

June 3, 2014.

  I’m In Miami Bitch! The Disappearing Street Art of Wynwood has been out for a few months now. It’s seeping into the consciousness of Miami and into the world at large. As the project grows so do the opportunities. A friend of mine Steve Santana was kind enough to introduce me to the nice team of young professionals at the FREEHAND MIAMI

    Meeting #1, goes a little something like this. “Wow, this book is great. How can we collaborate?” I recommend a book signing event centered around the social scene at the FREEHAND. “Yeah, that sounds great. Let me run that up the flagpole and see what happens”. In addition we scout around the property and the idea to do a mural materializes. “Yeah, wouldn’t it be great to do a mural in conjunction with the event?” So the idea was set, it would be a mural unveiling during the Sunday pool party and BBQ. It’s a classic FREEHAND MIAMI event complete with a local DJ the Haitian Hillbilly

    The e-mails and phone calls fly back and forth, the budget is set. A mural will be produced for the event. It will be a play on the HELLO: I’M IN MIAMI BITCH! sticker. Within the blank space of the sticker will be a Miami scene. Complete with all the classic ideas of what Miami is to people, bikinis, jet skis and plenty of Art Deco.

  In comes Noah Levy a new transplant to Miami and young upstart in the art scene. Noah takes the lead on designing the mural which will be about 40 feet wide and 15 feet tall. It will be on the side of a two story building. It’s a great spot in the pool area of the FREEHAND and will get tons of traffic. Noah pulled out all the stops, this mural is chocked full of the colorful side of the MIA.

    Now, we are getting down to it. It’s the week of the event and Noah and I(AK FOTO) get to the wall complete with gallons of pastel colored paint and a scaffolding. Luckily the wall is shaded by a gigantic Banyan tree so we are lucky that is it relatively cooler compared to working in the open sun. Lucky us! 

   The painting of the mural was a fun and fantastic experience. Especially hearing the comments of the locals and visitors that happened by when we were working our tails off. The cold beers and easy going atmosphere made it a great experience and will long be remembered as a highlight of the IIMB! Project. 

  So anytime you are on Miami Beach and not sure where to go and have a drink, relax, catch some rays, go sit by the pool at the FREEHAND(2727 Indian Creek Avenue, Miami Beach) have a cocktail and marvel at the I’M IN MIAMI BITCH! Mural.

    Big up to the entire staff at the FREEHAND, especially Amanda, The Muralist Noah Levy, Nick who helped out at the get go and everyone who came out to support. 


AK Foto