The Isthmus... The Panama Canal Expansion

April 04, 2016.

  Whenever I talk about Panama it's a given that the weather is inhospitable. It's always really hot and always really humid. Even in the dry season. That's Panama for you.

     Anyways, there I was, at the bottom of the new set of locks to the Panama Canal. Engineers have figured out a way to use gravity to rush millions of gallons of water into the locks so the Post Panamax ships can be raised or lowered depending on the direction they are transiting. The workers were finishing the work on the entrance to the culverts which will be used to feed the tremendous locks with water. 

     What are the statistics of the new third lane on the Panama Canal? Millions of gallons of water, thousands of tons of concrete and miles and miles of rebar. The ACP(Panama Canal Authority) has announced a date of June 26th, 2016 as the opening for the newly expanded Panama Canal. Stay tuned....

Cocoli: Panama Canal Expansion, 2015.